DIY Home Security with Professional Monitoring

Best DIY Home Security with Professional Monitoring This Year
Best DIY Home Security with Professional Monitoring This Year

Using a smart DIY home security with professional monitoring is chosen by many people because it gives them benefits. This smart system will provide you with more advanced security features and safety controls.

Many features that will benefit you such as motion sensors, infrared, sirens that will sound automatically when triggered, cameras with HD resolution and the process of establishing a connection between Google and Alexa. You can also monitor the state of your home remotely via a smartphone.

You can also monitor the state of your home remotely via a smartphone. Below, you can find various recommendations for home security systems that you can install yourself but that you can monitor professionally using a smartphone or other device.

Nest is one of the best DIY home security with professional monitoring that you can consider. This system provides a hub with motion sensors and Nest Detect satellite sensors to protect doors, windows and other areas.

You will also get a separate tag device that allows people or pets to bypass the sensor without activating it. You may buy as many sensors as your home needs, add a few cameras, and put together your DIY home security system. But this kit can cost very expensive regarding its high quality security system.

Second Generation 5-Piece Kit Alarm Ring

This system is a DIY home security with professional monitoring at a fairly affordable price, but you can still get features that are no less sophisticated than any other security system on the market. The starter kit offered has various features such as sensors, motion detectors, keypads, transmitters and range extenders.

This starter kit package is perfect for installation in small homes and apartments. The installation method is easy enough that you can do it yourself to save the installation costs. You can also sync this system with Alexa. You can also install additional sensors in places such as doors and windows for more security.

This brand which is a DIY home security with professional monitoring also offers safety products such as panic alarms and smoke detectors. In addition, you can also install a smart lamp that can alert you when an intruder crosses your page area.

You will have to pay an additional fee (around IDR 141,946) for the monitoring process carried out by experts, it is ideal for you who are looking for a professional option to the DIY system in your house. You can also raise the starter kit higher to 8 or 14 parts to increase the number of sets.

The ADT DIY 15-Piece LifeShield System

This brand is arguably one of the most traditional yet trusted brands in the market, especially after ADT Pulse was launched eleven years ago. Currently, you can pay for professional services. You can also install more DIY kits to increase security in your home.

This DIY home security with professional monitoring kit is very complete and you can assemble it yourself at home. This 15-part version is a system that offers the security features you need for monitoring medium to large homes.

This kit consists of a keypad, hub, indoor camera, 6 sensors for windows and doors, a fire safety sensor, a remote fob for key chains and a motion detector designed to ignore the movement of pets.

You can also customize mobile alerts, such as alerts when a movement is detected, fire alarms and others. The system is compatible with 24/7 professional monitoring, so you won’t have to worry about leaving the house and for a few days.

This system may not be the cheapest one, but this DIY home security system with professional monitoring seems to be the best bet for you who want to establish the high security system for your home.

DIY Abode Iota Starter Kit Security System

The first generation Abode is not that impressive when compared to other security systems on the market. However, this system is offered at a quite reasonable price with various features such as a variety of sensors, fairly simple controls and extensive second party support.

Abode Iota is the latest DIY home security with professional to monitoring starter kit with sleek lines and smart device control. The current Iota kit includes a large monitoring hub with a built-in HD camera, a 93-decibel siren, and a two-way audio communication option, designed to be positioned in the center position, facing the driveway.

This latest Abode DIY home security with professional monitoring has a smart control with a sleek design, equipped with a built-in HD resolution camera, two-way communication options as well as a siren of 93 dB.

In addition, this system is also equipped with mini sensors for doors and windows, a mini keypad as a fob for key chains. Another advantage of this system is that it can be used to control a smart house.

This device is also supported by Abode’s SecureRF radio, Z-wave, Zigbee PRO and wifi which can connect up to 160 devices. This smart house hub is also known to be credible because of a number of collaborations with large institutions such as Yale to Philips Hue.

The Abode security system can also be added with various accessories and additional sensors that you can buy separately. This is the advantage of Abode DIY home security with professional monitoring that you can get.

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Things to Look For Before Assembling DIY Security at Home

More than 50% of home invasions occur through access on the ground floor. If you invest in an alarm system, do some checking to make sure all the sensors are working. Also check that you have the right battery for each device, and are ready to replace them as needed.

For those of you who want to turn off the air conditioner and leave the windows open so that cold air can flow, an alarm system is essential. When the alarm goes off, you and your neighbors or other people living in the area will wake up. And most importantly, intruders know that your home is protected by a security system.

Obviously, every intruder wants a target with the least resistance and a house with a noisy alarm is not an easy target. You don’t just need to choose DIY home security with professional monitoring system that fits your budget with the tools you need the most.

But you also need to consider the cost of upgrading your system according to future needs as most people end up wanting to expand the capabilities of an existing system if they are quite satisfied with its performance.

Since there are no common standards, most home security systems will depend on which system you choose. So the best option is to choose a product from a large company that has a significant investment in the home security category and is unlikely to discontinue its product within 6 months.

If you choose this option, check-in advance all costs including such as the installation price, monthly fees and technical support for maintenance and repairs. Choose a DIY home security with professional monitoring that uses wireless technology, so it will be easier to move as needed.

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