The Best Professionally Monitored Home Security System for Your House

Best Professionally Monitored Home Security System for Your House
Best Professionally Monitored Home Security System for Your House

When buying a home, many people consider the best professionally monitored home security system, maybe you are no exception. Leaving the house when it is empty certainly makes you worry. Fear of thieves, lost items, lost money, lost jewelry and other valuables of high value.

In every residence, of course everyone wants to feel comfortable and safe. That is why residents of the house need to provide a technologically advanced security system that can provide security for their homes. Technology continues to develop following the existing trends.

Security technology systems are also increasingly being developed and created to provide residential security. You can also find ones that can be monitored remotely from your smartphones. Here are some choices of the latest security technology that can be a reference for you.

Increased Resolution Videos to Monitor Your Home

The use of CCTV is indeed the most practical option for monitoring your home. You can use CCTV that has a wifi connection with your smartphone which is one of the best professionally monitored home security system. That way, the condition of the house can be monitored remotely in real time via your smartphone.

Generally, CCTV displays only display black and white without sound without a clear display. But with this sophisticated security tool you can get CCTV results with sharper and clearer surveillance footage. Recordings are available in various resolutions from 480p to 1080p which you can adjust to your needs.

This high-end IP camera comes in 4k Ultra HD with a large enough image display that can clarify frequently unclear displays such as faces, license plates, and various other details. Not only that, this technologically advanced security system is also equipped with predictive audio and video analytics which is capable of remote monitoring and has high storage power.

The surveillance camera is equipped with UHD which makes surveillance more comprehensive and effective to prevent intrusion and can solve problems. You can use UHD CCTV cameras as the best professionally monitored home security system because they can be monitored in real time.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security

SimpliSafe is one of the best professionally monitored home security systems that offers a great wireless smart security system for almost any home. The SimpliSafe system starts with a base station which monitors all sensors and keeps you connected to the SimpliSafe service via the internet.

The system is equipped with a cellular backup in case Wi-Fi is off and a keypad to interact with the system itself. From there, you add motion and incoming sensors and any alarm sirens you may need to customize your space.

This powerful feature allows all monitoring and control via the base station, so if the button is disabled, the system is still active. Another sophistication of this best professionally monitored home security system is that all activities can be done wirelessly and installation is fast and practical.

You can equip your system with products such as HD video cameras with real time live viewing capabilities or carbon monoxide / smoke alarms. Bundled with the SimpliSafe app, you can monitor almost anything to make sure your home stays safe.

Fortress Security System for Your Home

Do you want to monitor your home remotely while traveling? You can use fortress security because it can be used to detect intrusions and movements and alert you and the authorities accordingly. The S03-B Home and Business Security System package is a system that can dial up to 6 numbers when the system is triggered.

This is what makes Fortress Security one of the best professionally monitored home security system. The system is equipped with a loud alarm (130 decibels) and outdoor siren, an RFID tag for quick disarm, three key fobs to control the system, and various motion sensors and door / window contacts. There is also a panic button which you can use in an emergency situation.

This system is embedded and requires a 120-volt connection and has its own battery backup. Even so, this powerful tool does not incur a monthly service fee and no cloud capabilities, but the ability to use programmable NFC tags makes this system smart enough to be on the list of best professionally monitored home security system.

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Installing CCTV with Infrared Sensors

One device that can be an option is the EZVIZ C6N. The design of the EZVIZ C6N does look simple, minimalist, light but contemporary like the designs of other EZVIZ products. But this time, the display of the EZVIZ C6N immediately focuses on its large round camera like a dome.

The dome-style design has several advantages, such as being easy to place in various corners of the house in the room. In addition, this device can be affixed to the wall of the house or vertically. While at the bottom of the EZVIZ C6N there is a camera holder that houses various ports that can be used as connectivity.

Installation of the EZVIZ C6N is also very easy. After the location of the CCTV camera storage is determined, you can immediately connect the EZVIZ C6N to the socket via the supplied power cable. Wait until the LED turns blue, then activate the camera with a smartphone in the EZVIZ application, which is available on the playstore and appstore.

The EZVIZ C6N camera has a motorized camera so that the camera can move pan or tilt. This means that the EZVIZ C6N can move 55 degrees vertically and 340 degrees horizontally. It’s one of the best professionally monitored home security system for your house.

Whatever the conditions, whether day or night, video recording can be obtained with optimal results thanks to the Smart IR feature that uses infrared (IR) lighting to capture more detailed light when the light is dim.

Installing a security system at home is indeed the choice of many people. In addition to the safety of residents, it also prevents crimes that may occur, such as theft or robbery. It is highly recommended to choose the best professionally monitored home security system so that security can be maximally maintained.

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