The Best Movie Streaming Apps For Android and iPhone

Applications for Watching the Best Movies – Surely you’ve thought about watching movies and spending your free time watching your favorite movies, right?. So, so that your movie viewing activities are more practical and you don’t have to have any trouble finding the movies you want to watch, then you can use a streaming application that you can use on your smartphone.

Watching movies at the cinema often feels like a waste of time and seems impractical. Because now there are many streaming applications that can help you to be able to watch your favorite movies wherever and whenever you want.

Sometimes watching a favorite movie becomes a very fun activity when we are relaxing or when we have free time. Are you also one of those people who like to watch movies?

If you also like watching movies then this time you are in the right article. Because in this article we will discuss several applications that you can use to watch TV series or movies anywhere and anytime using only your smartphone and of course practical.

What you need to know is that the streaming application that we recommend is a legal and free streaming application that is free from copyright.

Best Collection of Movie Streaming Applications

Currently, movie streaming applications are one of the most downloaded popular applications on the Google Play Store because many people want to be able to watch movies practically anywhere and anytime as they wish. Watching movies is one of the most exciting activities and can be done every day.

Compared to if we have to go to the cinema, it will be more practical if we watch movies through smartphones only. because we can watch whenever and wherever we want and don’t need to leave the house.

Here we have presented references related to the best Streaming Applications that you can officially access. Want to know what applications? see the following article, yes


Netflix Netflix is ​​one of the best movie streaming applications and is a favorite of many people. Netflix is ​​the biggest streaming service for movies and TV series today. There are tons of great movies and series that you can watch using this streaming app.

This streaming application also provides various kinds of subtitles that you can enjoy according to your desired language. You can also use this streaming application for free for 30 days using a trial account by registering a credit card into this best streaming application on a computer and on this smartphone.

Here’s how to watch movies on the Netflix app

  1. Download Or Install Neflix App: Click Here
  2. Choose Join Free For A Month,
  3. Click See The Plans,
  4. Click Continue,
  5. Enter your email and password to sign up for a Netflix account. Then fill in the Netflix payment method, namely by credit card. Finally, click on Start Membership.


If you are looking for a legal application to watch TV series or movies, then you must try Iflix, a video streaming application. Iflix is ​​currently collaborating with a film production house which can screen its films exclusively. Examples are The New Rich Movie, Love letter to starla and many others.

This movie streaming application also allows you to be able to stream movies, but you need to pay a subscription fee to be able to access unlimited resources.

You can try the Netflix movie streaming application here


The next application that you can use to watch movies is the VIU movie streaming application which is perfect for those of you who like to watch movies, especially Japanese films and Korean films.

Amazingly, now VIU also offers various kinds of dramas from Japan and other Asian dramas. In addition, VIU also presents many Indian films and various popular serials such as in Malaysia.

The best movie watching app of 2022 is really legit.

Viu also includes an Indo Thai Movies app which also offers free Asian movie and drama content. That’s all, you have to download Viu and be a premium user to access exclusive content.

You can try this film streaming application here


Thanks to the presence of original WeTV series such as Abshatri, Lectures on My Husband and Kites Break, which have been buzzing around this week.

WeTV has a variety of excellent features, not only providing original series and movies showing in Indonesian cinemas, you can also access this streaming application for free.

You can enjoy various films and several episodes of various series in this application to watch Japanese to Korean films.

You can try the WeTV movie streaming application here

The HOOQ HOOQ movie streaming application

quite popular among Android users because of its attractive appearance. And Hooq is one of the best apps for watching movies. This application can also be enjoyed not only via mobile phones, but also through cable television and computer services, making watching moments more exciting. All broadcasts on Hooq can also be enjoyed by streaming and downloading. This application also offers quite a lot of activities that are being discussed starting from Hollywood movies and famous tv series.

Hooq is also one of the legal and free movie watching applications. However, don’t be surprised if an advertisement appears in the middle of the film.

You can try the WeTV movie streaming application here

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