What is Iflix App Movies Streaming Platform and How to Use it

iFlix is one of  the popular streaming platforms  in Indonesia because of its complete collection of  movies and drama  series.

For those of you who like to watch movies, of course,  you are familiar with iFlix.   The reason is,  this application is one of  the popular streaming platforms  in Indonesia because of its complete collection  of  movies and drama series.

The use of  online streaming  services has now become rampant.  Starting from Netflix, Disney+, HBO Go, to iFlix. This is  because the world  is after being hit by the Covid-19  pandemic. Instead of being  bored at home,  it’s better to spend time  watching selected Korean  movies or dramas  that are again hits.

As one of  the well-known streaming platforms  in Indonesia, iFlix has developed many advanced features to  make it easier for users to  watch movies. As for features such as Add for users can add movies, channels, TV series to the  homepage so they don’t have to  re-search the selection of the  movie, as well as the  Follow feature  which is useful for makes users follow the list of movies recommended by famous influencers  or celebs.

However, there is one  feature that is no less versatile, namely Download.  Of course, this feature is very functional so that users can still access videos to watch when they are in  an environment where  there is no internet  connection.

Now to be able to  fully use the features of the iFlix service, make sure you have subscribed first.  The cost is not very expensive anyway,  just spend  $3 per month.  However,  the year version is even  cheaper, you only need to pay  RP $3 per month.  Pretty cheap, right?

How to subscribe to iFlix

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the iFlix application on the Play Store.
  2. When it is successfully installed, immediately open the iFlix application.
  3. After that, log in or login by using an iFlix account. You can also  register through your Facebook or Gmail account.
  4. The process is complete, you have successfully logged into your account and just click on your monthly or yearly subscription.

By  subscribing to iFlix, you can access the features of the  application, one of which is the Download  feature.

How to download movies on iFlix safely and legally

  1. Open the iFlix app in first.
  2. After that, find the movie you want to download > Click on the movie.
  3. If so, click the Download icon button on the movie page.
  4. Choose the resolution or quality of the film: high, medium, low according to your needs.
  5. When so, continue by clicking Start Download.
  6. Wait for the download process to go to the point.
  7. After a while, the movie can already be set offline.

The process is complete.  Pretty easy, right?  Now you can access movies  anytime and  anywhere without having to connect to an internet  connection.  But if the download process has problems, make sure you have a stable  internet  connection so that the download process  runs smoothly.

For those of you who want to download  the iflix application, please download it via the App Store or GooglePlay

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