The Best Cheap Car Insurance for Full Coverage

The Best Cheap Car Insurance for Full Coverage
The Best Cheap Car Insurance for Full Coverage

The best cheap car insurance for full coverage will be the best protection for your cars but If your vehicle isn’t worth much, full coverage might be a waste of money.

Having the best cheap car insurance for full coverage is a mandatory requirement for the owner. This cannot be separated from the increasingly congested traffic conditions with a high risk of mobility, making car owners often feel worried whenever you are.

Car insurances are the solution for your worries. The reason is, even though you are a good driver, we can never predict what is going to happen along the way. Car insurances doesn’t have to be expensive. The products are affordable for everyone.

When you look at the benefits that provided by vehicle insurances, the product cost and the claiming process offered are following the facilities that consumers will get. However, you should know the products to choose the best cheap car insurance for full coverage.

Knowing Deeper about Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance

As the name implies, TLO insurance protects the car from the risk of loss. TLO guarantees the risk of theft and damage if repair costs are estimated to be equal to or exceed 75 percent of the price of the vehicle immediately before the loss.

Losing a car due to theft by irresponsible persons is also assessed as total damage so that TLO insurance will cover the loss. As an illustration, a car had an accident bad enough to make repairs which cost around Rp150 million.

If estimated, the price of the car is IDR 200 million. Given the number of repairs required, the car damage can be categorized as above 75 percent so that the damage will be covered by TLO insurance.

However, TLO insurance does not provide coverage if the car has minor damage of less than 75 percent. Damage such as dented car bumpers or theft of the rearview mirror cannot be compensated for. The repair or minor replacement costs are borne by the owner.

Knowing Deeper about All Risk/Comprehensive Insurance

Unlike the TLO, new car owners tend to use comprehensive insurance, known as all risk. This type is the best cheap car insurance for full coverage from various damages. From minor damage, such as fine scratches, dents, to major damage, such as a collision.

Everything that can deform a car body even car theft, all of these can be covered as long as it is written in the policy. Not only protection for yourself from moving objects around you, comprehensive type insurance can expand your protection more thoroughly.

This expansion includes the possibility of damage by natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, car damage caused by riots or rioting, to third-party liability if the cause of the accident results in other motorists being injured. You need the best cheap car insurance for full coverage.

Generally, all risk insurance is chosen by many people because of the most extensive coverage. Suitable for those of you with high mobility, for example in big cities. However, all risk car insurance premiums are more expensive than TLO.

All risk car insurance costs are higher. Because this type of insurance covers more risks than TLO. What is important to note is how to claim all-risk car insurance. How can the aspects covered in all risk car insurance be claimed on the accident day.

Some Myths of Car Insurance You Should Know

The understanding of car insurance has not become something that is realized by the users of this insurance. Some common understanding is sometimes a source of misperception of users, even for the best cheap car insurance for full coverage. There are lots of wrong perceptions.

  1. Insurance Makes Car Prices Expensive
    When you decide to sell a car that has insurance, it does not mean that the car will have a high price. This does not determine whether a car is expensive or not. Several certain things determine your car price.
    Some of them are the year of production, the condition of the car, and also the performance of the engine, while insurance will not guarantee that your car is expensive. Insurance only keeps you from spending a lot when something unexpected happens.
    Basically, after selling cars, you should make a report first with the company. Insurance cannot be transferred to a new buyer but must be regenerated from scratch if you decide to sell the car. The best cheap car insurance for full coverage will only continue for new cars.
  2. Bad Driving History Will Not Be Able to Apply for Insurance
    Many people have a history of driving from bad to really bad. People who have a history of driving while being drunk, careless, and often have accidents and other things do sometimes have difficulty applying for insurance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t.
    Lots of the best cheap car insurance for full coverage dare to accept insurance applications with a history like this, some even dare to accept anyone who applies for insurance. But maybe you have to higher than usual, considering that your risk of accidents experienced is large. Understand Each Policy to Choose the Right Car Insurance

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There is something else that you must understand before applying for insurance that not all costs will always be paid by the insurance company. Usually, this rule is stated in the agreement letter that was first signed by both parties.

So be careful before signing an insurance agreement, read all the articles of the agreement will not harm you. Some insurance can require you to pay extra when an accident occurs. For example, when the car you have has an accident while being driven by someone else.

For some damage, you’ll have to pay back to cover the cost of repairs on your vehicle. Checking things like this on the insurer has a commensurate result for you to avoid frequent misunderstandings. You should learn the policy given by the best cheap car insurance for full coverage.

The most common misconception in full coverage insurance is that customer feels that every damage to the car will be covered by the insurance company. Some several terms and conditions must be submitted in order to make an insurance claim submission.

To avoid misunderstandings like the one above, read again the insurance agreement that you signed previously. Be aware of insurance benefits, you must also be aware of any misunderstandings that may occur. The important one is choosing the best cheap car insurance for full coverage.

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